Thursday, 25 December 2014

The next-generation."Audi A7 Sportback facelift"

he Prologue concept has our attention. In fact, it has everyone's attention. It is the preview for the coming A7, and Autocar summarized Audi design chief Marc Lichte's concerning the new A7 as, "A more radical design is promised for the next-generation." In fact, the next A7 is said to become "the most radical" of three coming designs inspired by the Prologue, the others being the new A6 and A8Autocar also said Lichte made it clear that there would be "much greater visual differentiation between the trio and other future Audis."

Yet, for at least four years Audi has been talking about a design overhaul to fight back charges that its cars look too similar. In 2011 there was a "design initiative" dubbed AQR to make sure that "the design details will be different" between its hatchbacks, Quattro offerings and R Sports cars, and make proportion changes to its sedans. That didn't really move the needle. In 2013, then-design boss Wolfgang Egger hailed the end of "scalable design," a prime culprit for the 'same sausage, different lengths' accusations. We're not sure the needle moved much then, either. And this year came news of a new "Quattro-centric" design language that would stress horizontals, perhaps the new Q7 it's first serious proponent, a crossover that we'll have to see before we can judge.

Although we've heard the bells ringing about fresh design at Audi for years, we hope they mean it with products that come after the Prologue; it is a fabulous place to start.

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