Friday, 12 December 2014

Mansoor Bajwa Famous biker of Pakistan

Mansoor Bajwa who studied from Aitchison College and then entered into stunt biking is famous around his hometown due to his well performing stunts and races he is providing a great entertainment for people who like this sports.He Started biking at the age of 20. A daredevil with endless confidence n guts who does not think about the repercussions.He has made his mark in Lahore n among all known bikers in Pakistan. His passion for biking has lead him into doing breathtaking stunts leaving spectators stunned.He has created his biking group in Lahore name "MaVeRiCk's BiKeR TeAm"The Biker's in this group are not even best biker in lahore they are best all over in pakistan as by their game and unity behind biking . They are Pioneer in so many ways like New high speed stunts and came in a song video done by ROXEN band song dil mey tum.They belong to family's who support biking with their hearts.Below are some pictures and videos of Mansoor Bajwa & his team 
Mansoor Bajwa on Hayabusa

Ninja of Mansoor Bajwa

Fearless Biking

Mansoor Bajwa and group

R1 and Hayabusa

R1 and Busa of Mansoor Bajwa

Busa Wheeling

Mansoor Bajwa and Group

R1 wheeling

NInja Fearless wheeling

Mansoor Bajwa wheelie on Hayabusa 

One man show at Cavalry Ground Lahore by Mansoor Bajwa


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